Creating List Box on Selection Screen.

Step 1: Declare parameter as list box for selection screen by using below command: –PARAMETERS: … TYPE … AS LISTBOX VISIBLE LENGTH nn. Step 2: Declare two variables; one internal table and one work area.Table Type: VRM_VALUESStructure: VRM_VALUENote: VRM stands Read More

Saving Test Data for Function Module during Debugging.

Good Point: – No need to fill in the large amount of data into SE37 parameters manually.– You can reproduce the function module as much as you need. First, go to T-Code SE37. Fill in the function module name you’d Read More

Creating New Customized SAP Menu (Area Menu).

Role: In general, Functional Consultant is responsible for this task. Expected Result*See Appendix A for SE43 configuration. Go to T-Code SE43, fill in ‘S000‘ and press Change button. Press Change button. Select German language to edit the structure. Place cursor Read More